Consulting Services

We deliver consulting services in the following primary areas;

  • Innova8™ – Innovation
  • IoT Products – Productization for Ecosystems
  • Organizational Design Services – Company and Processes
  • Disruption Consulting – Market responsive or distinctive
  • Proposition and Capability Consulting – Building out all the possible opportunities from what and who you have already
  • Governance and Policy Consulting – Defining governance as a business enabler
  • Strategic Risk Management Consulting – Setting processes and standards in place to manage risk
  • Human Centered Design Consulting – Focusing effective engagements where appropriate on end customer interactions

We work in Paradigms, by creating a distinct set of concepts or thought patterns, including theories, research methods, postulates and standards for our clients.

We are also engaged in UX, CX, IoT, AR, AI, Analytics and BigData

Our Process is Unique

We work with clients to research and diagnose the actual issues rather than the symptoms of an issue.

  • We then propose a new or shift based paradigm.
  • We then offer the people, processes, business/product or services structures required to establish the new Paradigm.

We can work as part of a strategic implementation and change project or run something separately as a startup or work-stream.

Our Domains are on the Bleeding Edge

  • Disruption Consulting, responding to or creating market, product or service disruption.
  • Governance and Policy consulting, for digital, CX/UX, IoT ecosystems, IoA contracts, big data and artificial intelligence.
  • Strategic Risk Management consulting, for digital, CX/UX, IoT cognitive interfaces, IoT ecosystems, IoA contracts and artificial intelligence.
  • Proposition and Capability consulting, building at global enterprise level.

Notable Projects

  • Mobile first digital transformation strategy paradigm in 2009 for global publishing company.
  • Self service support paradigm for global investment bank to dramatically reduce call costs on their 24/6 support system.

If you want to find out more please contact us.


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