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What #5G means to Karl Smith @UserExperienceU

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Trajectory from Smart Technologies to IoT Ecosystem and on to Smart Living Something few people have grasped yet is that to get from Smart Technologies to Smart Living (Ubiquity) is a progression, not just in sensors, networks and device thinking, but also in ecosystem and task (to discern if they are even relevant not just…

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Our CEO is writing this from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona as a guest of Huawei. He doesn’t do advertising in his writing or public speaking he provides useful and insightful information in the hope that my readers can make use of it. That aside he has discovered something astonishing about Huawei that people should be aware of. Huawei’s…

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What is a Key Opinion Leader? The concept of KOL’s has been around in the pharmaceutical industry for a while and Elihu Katz in answers the question, “Who is an opinion leader?” One or more of these factors make noteworthy opinion leaders: expression of values professional competence nature of their social network Opinion leaders are…