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#Paradigm Interactions Inc. #R&D now run by #UbiNET Inc. a new #subsidiary

UbiNET Paradigm Interactions Inc

Last week Paradigm Interactions Inc. created a new subsidiary UbiNET Inc. set up as a stock corporation to support several funding rounds to deliver it’s global technology, data and service platform for IoT3 Smart Living. This change in strategy is due to an over subscription for Series A investment which has created a focus on investors…

#PlanetWide #SmartLiving seeks #SeriesA #VC

UbiNET Paradigm Interactions Inc

After several years of research and development and patent work Paradigm Interactions is ready to start it’s next phase and seek Series A venture capital. There are literally hundreds of articles out there describing a vast array of experiences, regardless we have something no one else has and we are now ready to start building…