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Agile World is involved in news ways of working transformations that are self funding by delivering ROI at every stage of their transformation work.

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Latest interview with Karl Smith

16th April 2021 about Agile, Ways of Working and on HCM Software.

Describes what Agile is and explains where Agile comes from as a response to bureaucracy to enabling people to do their work as a form of Freedom. Discusses “Pirates in the Navy, by Tendayi Viki” and how policy owners manage risk often against the desire of the CEO, CFO and CIO / CTO to move the business or organisation forward. Some quotes from the interview;

Understanding where the work is, what that work is and value it brings to the organisation, identifying what work is

How do we give people an environment that allows them to express their abilities to come up with new ways of doing things

What Agile does is it create something called a continuous feedback loop so it’s not just about what is the work, it’s how is it done and what does it deliver and did it deliver the value you thought that it would do when you initiated it. So now your creating an accountability for work from the top to the delivery to the value and now your saying it can all be visible

The point here is to make businesses successful not agile successful

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