Agile World creates Decision Point AI

After some initial market research and evaluation of the Veriluma product and service offering Agile World has created Decision Point AI ™ to simplify the adoption of Veriluma’s unique Augmented Intelligence capability.

The critical path in communicating to decision makers with purchasing power is to remove complexity and aid adoption through visual, language and capability markers. In creating Decision Point AI ™, Agile World has established a psychological ecosystem that includes; brand, product and market as strategies, products and client engagements for new business development.

Karl Smith, CEO, Agile World

It should be clear that while Agile World is not constructed in the same way as other consultancies, its true value is derived from its focus on flexibility of working (associates network), non physical (offices) presence its capabilities are immense.

I love working with start-ups as they are often open to shedding their notions of end client engagements in order to find the best way to advance their cause. Productization towards easier adoption and appropriation of their businesses often requires, new business models, ways of working which are the critical path to success in modern times and these are the core capabilities of Agile World.

Karl Smith, CEO, Agile World
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