Agile World Management Consultants

Agile World Management Consultants new website. Agile World is focused on three key activities Innovation, Optimization and Transformation. Working with clients in the USA with a global footprint we seek to support their adoption of both human centred practices and the use of agile to support an iterative and happy experience for staff.

Agile World Management Consultants provides Agile Services to companies globally with a focus on USA head offices, but has engaged in Southeast Asia, Pearl River and Australia. We focused on ground up to TOM and ITOM transformations starting with teams, then teams of teams, divisions, brands and whole enterprises, including business and technology. We have a track record since 1989 of designing, launching and delivering global and national new business models, organisational designs, professional services, capabilities and client services working with VC, consulting companies or hired direct by clients.

Our CEO Karl Smith is an Agile Expert who builds companies and new capabilities working as leader and consultant, CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO to deliver the change clients are seeking. His current focus is on scaling Agile and moving towards Ways of Working Transformations rather than only using Agile constant iterative flow. He has been a consultant and innovator in Business Transformation and Human Centred Design since 1989 and in Agile since 2004 involved in supporting both business and technology in the adoption of Customer Centricity and Agility.

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