Business Agility and New Ways of Working Checklist for Businesses

Business Agility enables the business to be able to be first to market through innovation and invention by faster release of new ideas, products and services.

Karl Smith CEO Agile World

How can you determine if real Business Agility exists in an organisation?

  1. There is a single point of governance for each critical oversight pan organisation and there are no localisations (local definitions are transparent centrally if critical).
    • Pan Organisation Outcomes (have a chain of custody and are always visible)
    • Pan Organisation Experience (is strategic sitting outside the Business and Technology setting experience outcomes and validating outcomes), the rise of the CXO to the Board
    • Pan Organisation Assurance (indication controls, security, resilience and continuity is unified)
    • Pan Organisation Architecture and Engineering (from framework to delivery is unified)
  2. The flow of work is transparent and measured on cycle time to ensure continuous optimisation from inception to value delivery (everyone stops delivering products and internal services) of verifiable outcomes.
    • The flow of work has a single oversight owner pan organisation regardless of the skills being used on it.
    • Outcomes and validation criteria are broadly set at Enterprise level with an overall budget to meet them.
    • The work flow is tightly connected to outcomes and validation criteria not budgets, work areas, people or processes.
    • The work can be stopped at anytime should it not be considered performant to outcomes or outcome change and the finances will not be lost just redirected.
    • Competing priorities are ratified at the executive level to avoid waste, adjusted governance on critical value outcomes can be enabled at this level.
  3. Business Agility frameworks are enablers and guide rails to existing good practices and outcomes, bringing scale and refocusing people on high value tasks to establish mind set changes so that low value common work types can be automated.

An exhaustive list is available as part of Consultancy from Agile World find out more here or on this post Business Agility

Finally organisations must be aware of the chaotic aspects of Agile and the ongoing and pointless warfare between various proponents of flavours of Agile, our advice is to focus on ‘New Ways of Working’ transformation. Doing so will mean Agile is one part of that transformation and that the final flavour of your transformation is tailored to your organisation not just imposed framework without context of culture or capability.

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