Paradigm Interactions DevOps3

Paradigm Interactions closes the circle on DevOps;

DevOps 1.0 included Development and Operations

DevOps 2.0 included Development, Operations and non-technical team members

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DevOps3 includes Development, Operations and non-technical team members but closes the gap to include Customers in a full lifecycle engagement of continuous responsiveness and customer engagement. It also considers anything that may be an impediment to the flow and consistency of work to enable good outcomes with customers including finance, legal, HR, executive office etc.

DevOps3 is no longer a conversation about software, but about doing the things that engage customers

Vertical Slicing for Scaled DevOps3

DevOps3 highlevel process Paradigm InteractionsDevOps3 highlevel process key Paradigm Interactions

DevOps3 is about pan organisation cultural change

Moving from the ME culture to the WE culture

High Level DevOpsProcess

Desires or needs (including regulation, market changes

Strategic Drivers

  • Service Design
  • Prioritisation
  • Measurement
  • Testing

Strategic Outcomes

  • Funding
  • Cycle to Value
  • Measurement
  • Testing


  • Experience Solutions
  • Technical Solutions
  • Business Solutions
  • Measurement
  • Testing

Strategic Planning

  • Capability Alignment
  • Skills Uplift
  • Resource Forecasting
  • Technical Debt
  • Technical Opportunity
  • Automation
  • Measurement
  • Testing

Tactical Planning

  • Prioritisation
  • Sizing
  • Self-service working
  • Consultancy working
  • Measurement
  • Testing


  • Strategic Drivers
  • Building
  • Self-service (standards architecture, testing, deployment, security, resilience and continuity)
  • Measurement


  • Brand Value
  • Market Impact
  • Customer Feedback
  • Measurement
  • Testing

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