Consulting Services

We deliver consulting services in the following primary areas;

Our Process is Unique

We work with clients to research and diagnose the actual issues rather than the symptoms of an issue.

  • We then propose a new or shift based paradigm.
  • We then offer the people, processes, business/product or services structures required to establish the new Paradigm.

We can work as part of a strategic implementation and change project or run something separately as a startup or work-stream.

Notable Projects

  • Pan Commercial and Retail Bank Enterprise Agility for run and change business and technology integration
  • Launch of ThingCoin cryptocurrency for UbiNET platform transactions
  • Mobile first digital transformation strategy paradigm for global publishing company.
  • Self service support paradigm for global investment bank to dramatically reduce call costs on their 24/6 support system.

If you want to find out more please contact us.

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