Organization Design Consultancy

Paradigm Interactions offers the service of organizational design consultancy, to meticulously define and organize the structure of companies, create job titles, and allocate resources (i.e. personnel) to improve efficiency and increase productivity. Making strategic decisions with regard to company hierarchy and personnel infrastructure.

Experience with the organization, business structuring, business process definition and deployment, recruitment policies and employee reward systems, role and title definition for both senior, mid and junior staff.

Based upon business objectives, strategy, processes and operations. Followed by meticulous planning, analysis and research.

Working with MD’s, Partners and senior managers to make sure the proposed changes are as economical and effective as possible.

Agile DevOps3

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DevOps3 integrates customer outcomes as the focal point for the business, finance, change and IT (anyone who’s action or inaction affects the customer) in order to dramatically improve collaboration and productivity by automating infrastructure, workflows and contiguously measuring application performance.

Paradigm Interactions offers the service of Agile DevOps for organizational design that delivers both run and change within complex businesses including Banking, Financial Services, Healthcare, Government.

Reducing the friction between business and technology by combining them into customer journey driven organisational structures at enterprise level combining local, near shore and off shore capabilities and teams.

Vertical Slicing for Scaled DevOps3

DevOps3 highlevel process Paradigm Interactions

DevOps3 highlevel process key Paradigm Interactions

Completed Projects

  • Oxford University Press – Digital First / Mobile First
  • Pearson Educational Publishing – Digital Department
  • Accenture – Enterprise User Experience
  • Wipro – Wipro Digital

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