Agile and Lean Innovation

Innova8™ is a unique process that fits into Agile and Lean facilitating DevOps Organisational Design

Transformation and Change through Innova8™ Process

Agile World owns the worldwide rights to the innovation process Innova8™ developed by Karl Smith.

Innova8™ combining design thinking, service design and user experience for Business and Agile / Lean DevOps.

Innova8™ is a process that fits into Agile and Lean, facilitating DevOps Organisational Design and brings the business closer to their customers through a lens of digital technology and customer validated interactive behaviours.

Design Thinking should never be used to define software, it’s the wrong method. It will create software that only executives want to use, not customers

Design Thinking is a great method to distil the strategic needs of an organisation defining ‘How do we make money’ and ‘What are our services’. Service Design defines ‘How a service works’ and the interrelated model to setup, deliver and manage services, defining customer touchpoints, potential communication routes, digital technologies and key interaction models for a defined service in a blueprint. UX engages directly with customers to deliver the detailed product blueprint for communication routes, digital technologies and their individual key interaction models.

Interview with Karl Smith, CEO of Agile World about Agile transformation: Faster, smarter and responsive marketing

Valuable Innovation is not a way to package the ideas of internal staff into a product,

innovation is a way to meet the target market on their ground, engage with them and co-create a product with the intended users

bringing in business and regulatory perspectives at the right point to deliver something completely new, market ready and truly engaging.

Agile World using Innova8™ we can deliver valuable innovation in 8 hours on client site activity

Innova8™ enables clients or consultancies to establish rapid innovation labs to an 8 hour process, where real innovation that meets customers and business needs can be done in hours rather than months or years.

Innova8™ 86681840 in the United States of America

International Class 042 – Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto; industrial analysis and research services; design and development of computer hardware and software; legal services.


Consultancy – provided by Innova8™ Certified, Agile World Associate

Training & Lab Setup – provided by Innova8™ Certified, Principal Training Consultant

Some completed projects

  • Innova8™ with Deutsche Bank – No film
  • Innova8™ with The Roundhouse – No film
  • Innova8™ with Vodafone UK – No film
  • Innova8™ with Bank of Moscow – No film
  • Innova8™ with Bradford College – No film
  • Innova8™ with Pearson Education – No film
  • Innova8™ with Oxford University Press – No film
  • Innova8™ with Oxfam UK – No film
  • Innova8™ with Zoopla Property Group – No film
  • Innova8™ to launch Wipro Digital Company – In24 Below
  • Innova8™ to launch Accenture Financial Services Innovation – In48 Below

The process has been used since 2001 and by several global consultancies through Karl Smith, while they have not adopted the full process there is a progression here from two full days to one some examples are shown below,

Innova8™ 2014 Change and Transformation for Allied Irish Bank


Innova8™ 2012 Change and Transformation for Santander Bank


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