Investing in external workers involves utilizing the right technology to ensure that #avionic organizations manage this workforce to maximum efficiency & effectiveness. Read more via @Forbes

Gangster capitalism and the American theft of Chinese innovation via @Yahoo

Adams Health Blog in conjunction with Innovation Solutions Lab (India) cordially invites you all to an hangout with an author to review and discuss about his recntly published book
Adams Health Blog: HANGOUT with Author OMOLOLA Adams Olatayo

Going DIGITAL is now an essential for businesses and individuals.

SUPER Amazing awesome digital solution that will automate your entire digital transformation process. Check it out now! 👉

#digitalessential #digitaltransformation #Digitalsolution

8 AI/Machine Learning Projects To Make Your Portfolio Stand Out | #DataScience #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence #AI |

Now is the time to chart a path to enhanced citizen engagement, improved processes, and long-term revenue capture. Attend the #GranicusVirtualSummit and learn from government leaders and innovators. Oct. 6 | 1-5pm ET. #digitaltransformation

User Centered Design in AI sponsored by Paradigm Interactions

UCD UK is a not-for-profit organisation run by people who have other #AI #IoT #UX #CX #BusinessAgility #BusinessTransformation @UserExperienceU

Capitalism has spread employment, investment, and other economic opportunities to every part of the world, thus improving the average human’s standard of living;

Peace & Safety
Abundance & Leisure
Technology & Innovation
Cooperation & Unity

All in the name of profit.

@krbenedict and I had a second great conversation - about framing and scaling innovation. Watch it here.

"firms with above-average diversity produced a greater proportion of revenue from innovation" and other research showing the benefits of diversity on innovation and the bottom line @eugeneivanov101 @ralph_ohr

And all it took was the Feds to provide UCP with 8 million dollar gift to explore tech innovation. Imagine if #UCP hadn't dismantled what was already in place when they were first elected 🤔🤔

United Conservative Party of Alberta@Alberta_UCP

Alberta to beat 'Ontario and B.C to the punch' in tech and innovation: @doug_schweitzer

The new #EUFunded, #PEACEIV ‘Building Community Cohesion through Social Innovation’ funding call is open. This call will support a single, regional-wide, project that will help create new approaches to tackle the challenges which keep communities divided 👉🏻

UbiNET smartliving platform rollout put back to 2030
UbiNET announced yesterday that with no resolution to the following impediments the rollout date for UbiNET of #AI #IoT #UX #CX #BusinessAgility #BusinessTransformation @UserExperienceU

Determined efforts should be made to make Jammu and Kashmir a hub of knowledge, innovation and learning by implementing the new National Education Policy (NEP) in letter and spirit, President Ram Nath Kovind said on Sunday. @rashtrapatibhvn

If you have more #business than you can handle or is your biz challenged by #covid19, it's probably time to invest in #digitalization & #innovation to grow your biz. If your customers want more of your services or new products, that's a promising sign.

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