Thugs and Criminals roam streets of USA as Cops and Looters

As the George Floyd protests take place under the First Amendment rights of US Citizens across the country it is becoming clear that there are thugs and criminals active in the police, national guard, security services and citizens. No one should submit to tyranny, the founding fathers of the USA formed the United States of America and it’s Constitution against such actions and the institutional behaviour by the British now seen by the police, national guard, security services, the President of the United States and the executive branch of the government carrying out his unconstitutional orders.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

Thomas Jefferson

Last night we witnessed thuggish and criminal behaviour by the police, national guard, security services and citizens, charges should be made against everyone involved. Wearing a uniform should not mean there is no accountability for actions, the Nuremberg Trials showed that individuals are accountable for their actions, their interpretations of orders and the way in which they follow them. No one should be above the LAW, no one should have a favoured status. The job of being a Police Officer is hard at all times but that is why it’s a special job for people who will be held to a high moral standard. There has clearly become a low bar for entry into forces all over America. Poorly trained and fearful officers are escalating and inciting situations towards violence. Instead of being peacekeepers and peacemakers they are creating the situations that allow deadly force. Instead of dealing with the crime they have been hired to stop crime and route out criminals from society they are criminalising new generations based on their skin colour and where they live.

Below is some of the peoples experiences;

What needs to change?

  1. Every engagement with citizens must be catalogued with video evidence (data points added by oversight organisation to include the reason, the actions, the result) and available for scrutiny and independent investigation. People with power must be monitored.
  2. Every criminal charge must require video evidence as proof (being of higher weight than words, bias or perceptions).
  3. Every use of Deadly Force must require immediate suspension.
  4. High rates of Deadly Force by a single officer, county, city or state must be published and have an independent investigation.
  5. Charges and Exonerations of Police Officers, National Guard, Security Services or Private Security, must have all evidence available for scrutiny and independent investigation.
  6. Charges for use of Deadly Force must start at First Degree as with all Citizens. It is possible to prove premeditation (first degree murder) where people have bragged about what they want to do in uniform to other citizens. Listen to NYPD officers in above recording.
  7. No one gets preferential treatment, the laws of the USA are applied to everyone.

God Bless America.

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