Welcome to Paradigm Interactions Inc.

Paradigm Interactions is a consultancy started in 1989 and incorporated in 2006, involved in creating New Business Paradigms.

Paradigm Interactions is; “focused on work that changes the way the world works”

If you want to engage with a company that will propel your business to the level beyond the next level we are you partners in that activity. Please contact us if you’re interested in talking.

Paradigm Interactions is; “at the bleeding edge, so our clients can be at the leading edge”

Service Design in Corporate Business and Enterprise Divisional organisational innovation and change through Human-Centered Design.

Research and Development of bleeding edge technologies including ambient powered micro sensors, IoT3 UbiNET and blockchain security systems. Below is an audio interview with Karl Smith regarding Paradigm Interactions, UX, IoT, Blockchain and how they are changing society.

Paradigm Interactions delivers Agile DevOps

Paradigm Interactions offers the service of Agile DevOps for organizational design that delivers both run and change within complex regulated businesses including Banking, Financial Services, Healthcare, Telco, Government. Reducing the friction between business and technology by combining them into customer journey driven organisational structures at enterprise level combining local, near shore and off shore capabilities and teams. Signed the Agile Manifesto on 3rd April 2008 http://agilemanifesto.org/display/000000111.html

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